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Using My Words

From parenting to politics to working mom to health and more, Julie covers her favorite topics in her own words at her personal blog.

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Choose You blog

Choose You is a movement created by the American Cancer Society that encourages women to put their own health first in the fight against cancer. The movement challenges women to make healthier choices, and supports them in their commitment to eat right, get active, quit smoking and get regular health checks.

The Choose You Movement shines a light on a hidden issue: that while one in three American women will get cancer in her lifetime, about 50% of cancer deaths could be prevented if more emphasis were placed on early detection and healthier lifestyles including maintaining a healthy weight through diet and exercise and avoiding tobacco.

In the constant struggle between family, work and self, we know how difficult it is to focus on oneself. To help change this, American Cancer Society has developed the Choose You Commitment.

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A group of progressive women with a wide variety of knowledge, expertise, and positions on the major issues converged to create what has been called the second most influential women's political blog, and each contributor, including Julie, were recently named by CNN as members of the Top 25 political bloggers.

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