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Julie Pippert, COO


 Welcome to Artful Media Group, Inc. 

Artful Media Group, Inc. provides expert communication and public relation services to a variety of clients. We invite you to explore some of our work and our successful clients' positive reviews.

Innovative and effective communication is an art...and requires the fine art of translation. Successful communication means being able to listen, hear, and share in a way that sends out the intended message using language and mediums the intended audience can understand. Truly successful communication will do more than that: it will also engage and move people to act.

Artful Media Group, Inc. helps you find the right words, the right people, and the right communication strategy.

Julie Pippert is the Chief Operating Officer and has over 15 years of professional experience as a communicator, writer, and editor. She helps businesses craft their message and develops best outreach strategy to deliver those messages.

“Julie is amazing. She is smart, resourceful, creative, talented and gets the job done in such a professional and exceptional way. It is a joy to work with Julie on building our community and business model.”

- Cooper Munroe | co-founder,

"I've known Julie, as a writer, researcher, and editor for several years. She is, of course, an excellent writer, but she is also able to engage an audience like few can. Any employer would be lucky to have Julie's incredible writing skills working for them."

- Stephanie Himel-Nelson | Communications Director, Blue Star Families

“Julie first came to work for me when she was hired as the Houston city editor for The Savvy Source. She contributed a consistently high quality of work for our Houston city guide, and I was so impressed by her work that I began asking her to write articles for the rest of the site, as well. Her writing is sophisticated and professional, she has met every deadline, and she has been an excellent representative of our company. Julie is now a contributing editor for the site and a tremendous asset to our writing staff. I highly recommend both her and her work.” 

- Ashley O'Neill | Editor-In-Chief, The Savvy Source

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