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Artful Media Group, Inc. specializes in developing communication that works.

That's a simple, yet bold, claim. 

Think of your business as a hub, an airport.

Planes arrive and depart from airports with regular frequency, and if you've ever traveled, you probably haven't given much thought to the strategy behind which plane with which crew arrives at which gate at what time...unless your plane wasn't where you needed it to be when you needed it.

Think of effective communication as an airplane. It's absolutely crucial that the right plane with the right crew arrive at the correct airport on time.

Think of your audience as the destination.

Think of us as your flight crew and flight controllers. We'll be the airline every traveler dreams of.

Artful Media Group, Inc. has the skill, expertise, experience, and creativity to artfully design a sleek message that will wing its way from you to your customers. 

Point A to Point B. Effective. Creative. Innovative.

We'll help you with your message, whether it's designing a complete communication strategy and implementing it, or helping to draft an outreach message. We are ahead of the curve, completely and fully versed in new media. We can use the traditional tools, but we can also turn on the jets using the new ones.

Communication Strategy Services

Artful Media Group, Inc. can help you develop the best communication strategy to achieve your business requirements and objectives. We'll meet with you to fully understand your situation, budget, desires, timelines, and expectations. We'll share our market and tactics expertise. Then, together, we can build a communication strategy that coordinates the many different elements -- such as newsletters, promotional events, Web site and social media outreach, and so on -- that will effectively broadcast your information to the right people in a way that they will understand.

We also offer Project Management for all 

Public Relations, Promotion, and Outreach Services

Artful Media Group, Inc. knows that every day great messages get tuned out as simply noise. A message is only effective when it gets broadcast in a meaningful way. We know how to design solid outreach to get heard about the constant drone of noise. We can help with event planning, online outreach, offline outreach, press releases, media advisories, media relations, market you need. We'll also make sure to track and measure results.

Editorial and Writing Services

Artful Media Group, Inc. has its core set in solid, high-quality and effective writing and editing services. That's the keystone to any effective communication strategy. We can provide article writing, article reviewing, editorial calendar, editorial services (general), blog posts, newsletters, developmental editing, press releases, media advisories, and more. 

We offer Project Management for all of our services, which can be set up as a flat rate, monthly retainer consulting fee, or hourly rate.

Artful Media Group, Inc.
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